MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - SICILY: Palermo / Erice / Segesta / Stromboli / Mt Etna


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- (Disc 1)

The Places

Sicily has enjoyed a remarkably varied history, held by Phoenicians and Carthaginians, it became part of Roman territory, later to be occupied by Ostrogoths, recaptured by the Byzantines, ruled by Saracens, and occupied by the Normans, followed by German, French and Spanish overlords. It was only in the mid-nineteenth century that the island was drawn into the unified country of Italy. The historical changes that Sicily has undergone are reflected in its culture.

The Music

The music chosen for this tour of Sicily is by Beethoven and consists of three of his best known piano sonatas, the Pathetique, the Moonlight and the Appassionata.

Part 1

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