MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - SALZBURG: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present


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- (Disc 1)

The Places

Mozart's father Leopold settled in Salzburg in 1737 and in 1744 entered the service of the city's ruling Prince-Archbishop as a violinist. The city underwent various changes of regime in the first years of the nineteenth century, but in 1825 Schubert could express his wonder at the fine churches and palaces of the place.

The Music

The music includes movements directly connected with Salzburg, compositions for distinguished local families, members of the Mozarts' social circle, and works resulting from his visit in 1777-78 to Mannheim. Other compositions come from the remarkable final decade of Mozart's life, when he was living in Vienna, culminating in the Lacrimosa from the unfinished Requiem of 1791, a movement that he is said to have tried to sing, with his friends, on his deathbed.

Part 1

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