BENGEL, Johann Albrecht: Ein treuer Diener der Schrift


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Johann Albrecht Bengel: Ein treuer Diener der Schrift

Year of Production: 2009
Playing Time: 01:12:00
Catalogue Number: 210.115
UPC: 4010276401155

Johann Albrecht Bengel (1687–1752) was Lutheran divine and scholar who devoted his life to the Bible. Because of his faithful and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he represented a unique combination of scholarly expertise and devotional commitment to the Bible, thus spreading Pietism in Wurtemberg. He did pioneering study in the text of the New Testament and contributed to Pietism with his written works. He is considered to be the father of textual criticism.

This documentary features the life and works of Johann Albrecht Bengel together with images and contributions of Dr. Rolf Hille, Hartmut Schmid, Prof. Dr. Hermann Ehmer and Dr. des. Jan Carsten Schnurr.

Part 1

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