TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Swan Lake (Vienna State Opera, 2014)


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- (Disc 1)
Swan Lake, Op. 20
Choreographer: Nureyev, Rudolf

Big Swan: Nistor, Laura
Cygnet: Tamai, Rui
Prince Siegfried: Shishov, Vladimir
Prince's Friend: Firenze, Alice
Prince's Friend: Hashimoto, Kiyoka
Prince's Friend: Kimoto, Masayu
Prince's Friend: Matthews, Greig
Rothbart: Peci, Eno

Television Director: Beyer, Michael
Lighting Designer: Hewlett, Marion
Set/Stage Designer: Spinatelli, Luisa
Costume Designer: Spinatelli, Luisa

Venue: Vienna State Opera
Playing Time: 02:12:27
Catalogue Number: 717608
UPC: 814337011765

It is the one ballet that everyone knows, has heard of or seen, and it is one of the loveliest and most frequently performed works in the ballet literature. No other ballet is capable of conjuring up such intensive images, dreams and yearnings as Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake! Rudolf Nureyev created his now classic version 1964; to mark the 50th anniversary of this early masterpiece by a ballet genius, the Vienna State Opera has revived his production for 2014 with new sets and costumes.

Part 1

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