ROSSINI, G.: Mose in Egitto (Rossini Opera Festival Pesaro, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
Mose in Egitto (Moses in Egypt)

Date of Production: 08-2011
Festival: Rossini Opera Festival
Playing Time: 02:32:57
Catalogue Number: A00008980

From the prestigious Rossini Festival in Pesaro comes a thought-provoking interpretation of Rossini's azione tragico-sacra Mose in Egitto. Topping the cast of high-caliber vocalists are Sonia Ganassi and Dmitry Korchak as two lovers drawn into the political turmoil of their time. Director Graham Vick's interpretation centers on a condemnation of all religious fundamentalism. Designed by Stuart Nunn, the set evokes a bombed-out edifice and provides a chilling setting for Rossini's haunting melodies. With the gifted Roberto Abbado on the podium, "the music is free to carry its timeless message" (La Stampa).

Part 1

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