STRAUSS II, J.: Wiener Blut (Munich, 1971)


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- (Disc 1)
Wiener Blut (arr. H. Lanske and H. Wiener)
Arranger: Wiener, Hugo
Libretto/Text Author: Leon, Victor
Libretto/Text Author: Stein, Leo
Conductor: Paulik, Anton

Furst Ypsheim: Kusche, Benno
Graf Zedlau: Kollo, Rene
Grafin Zedlau: Hallstein, Ingeborg

Costume Designer: Schlesinger, Alice-Maria
Costume Designer: Six, Astrid
Stage Director: Grund, Bert
Television Director: Lanske, Hermann

Playing Time: 01:36:39
Catalogue Number: A05004503

Johann Strauss Jr., known as the "Waltz King", surpasses all other composers in the history of the operetta with regards to musical inventiveness. With the sparkling temperament and winning charm characteristic of his works, this genial musician brought world fame to the Viennese waltz and made spectacular contributions to the field of operetta. Wiener Blut was Strauss's last work, which he left incomplete at his death. However, thanks to Adolf Muller's brilliant arrangement, this work has become a fully accepted Strauss operetta, inspired by the brightest of Vienna-waltz spirits and delighting anew at every performance through its wealth of captivating melodies

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