FALLA, M. de: Vida Breve (La) (Palau de les Arts "Reina Sofia", 2010)


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- (Disc 1)
La vida breve

Venue: Palau de les Arts "Reina Sofia", Valencia
Playing Time: 01:20:50
Catalogue Number: A93001779

Manuel de Falla's short opera La vida breve is perhaps the greatest opera in the entire Spanish repertoire. Premiered in 1913, it is the tragic story of the poor gypsy Salud, whose lover Paco betrays her and plans to wed a wealthy young woman. Though a national monument in Spain, La vida breve is performed less frequently in non-Hispanic nations; to many music lovers, this recording may be the first encounter with a stage production of the work, and Giancarlo del Monaco EUR" known for his splendid productions at the Met EUR" makes it a memorable event. While not rejecting the folklore aspects of the original libretto, del Monaco creates a kind of psychological chamber drama in which the heroine Salud is on stage at all times, as if witnessing her own living nightmare of blood and shame.

Part 1

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