SHAKESPEARE, W.: King Richard II (Studio Production, 1981)


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- (Disc 1)

Catalogue Number: B001DVD
UPC: 709629200012

The tragedy of a self-centered weak King whose evil ways cause his own destruction. Richard II, a history based partially on The Chronicles by English historian Raphael Holinshed, is the saga of King Richard and his self-defeat. The King not only has enemies to fend off in Ireland but makes an enemy of Bolingbroke, his own cousin, by seizing his property. Bolingbroke, along with an army of discontented English noblemen, rebel and triumph over Richard. Richard surrenders his crown and is immediately imprisoned. Bolingbroke is crowned Henry IV and through a misunderstanding, Richard is murdered in prison.

Featuring David Birney, Paul Shenar, John Devlin and William H. Bassett.

Part 1


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