COSMOS GLOBAL: Costa Rica (Cocos Island)


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Cosmos Global: Cocos Island
Proll, Eric - Producer

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-113
UPC: 883629282213

The fascinating underwater world that surrounds the legendary Cocos Island is a unique treasure. Its biodiversity and vast populations of marine life have turned it into a paradise for both divers and marine biologists alike.

From the small harbor of Puntarenas, the journey of the Undersea Hunter and its experienced crew travels more than 500 kilometers in a southwesterly direction, far away from the economic problems of Costa Rica, to an unspoiled and natural world once the haunt of pirates. The journey from the mainland to the isolated and remote Cocos Island takes a little over 30 hours.

In the underwater caves, rocky alcoves and on the ocean bed around Cocos Island there are huge numbers of whitetip sharks. Scientists and marine biologists, such as the Frenchman Jacques Cousteau and the Austrian Hans Hass, developed much interest in the island and traveled to this remote location in the South Pacific to document the beauty of this special place.

The plant life beneath the water is like that of an enchanting garden. Both the surroundings of Cocos Island and its marine flora are protected, as they form the basis of a unique habitat. Here it is rare to spot only a single fish, so diverse and full of life is the ocean close to this island that began to rise from the bottom of the Pacific around 2.5 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity.

Due to this exceptional habitat and its fantastic biodiversity, it is no wonder that the waters of Cocos Island attract divers from all over the world. Nevertheless, the island and the sea creatures that inhabit its coastal waters have been spared mass tourism.

Even though no one has discovered buried treasure, each member of the expedition has been made richer by their many wonderful impressions of this wonderful island.

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