MITCHELL, J.: Fiddle and the Drum (The) (Alberta Ballet, 2006)


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- (Disc 1)
The Fiddle and the Drum
Ballet Company: Alberta Ballet Company
Choreographer: Grand-Maitre, Jean

Corps de Ballet: Alberta Ballet Company
Television Director: Rouleau, Mario
Lighting Designer: Lavoie, Pierre
Set/Stage Designer: Mitchell, Joni

Date of Concert: 2006
Venue: Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary
Playing Time: 01:54:57
Catalogue Number: CM9131

Legendary Canadian artist Joni Mitchell in collaboration with internationally acclaimed choreographer Jean Grand-Mâitre of the Alberta Ballet Company created The Fiddle and The Drum, a special ballet that speaks volumes of Joni Mitchell's life-long concerns about environmental neglect and the warring nature of mankind. It is a celebration of the profoundly humanistic questions and testimonies that are expressed so poetically by Joni Mitchell, a world-renowned poet.

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