STRAVINSKY, I.: Oedipus rex (Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, 1992)


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- (Disc 1)
Oedipus rex
Libretto/Text Author: Cocteau, Jean
Libretto Source: Sophocles
Conductor: Ozawa, Seiji
Chorus: Shin-yu Kai Choir
Chorus Master: Sekiya, Shin

Messenger: Tatara, Michio
Oedipus (dancer): Tanaka, Min
The Speaker: Shiraishi, Kayoko

Producer: Gelb, Peter
Producer: Jaffe, Pat
Set/Stage Designer: Tsypin, George
Costume Designer: Wada, Emi
Lighting Designer: Kalman, Jean
Choreographer: Hanayagi, Suzushi
Stage Director: Taymor, Julie
Television Director: Taymor, Julie

Date of Production: 1992
Festival: Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto
Playing Time: 00:57:42
Catalogue Number: CM9318

This ambitious production uses a number of striking visual elements including a massive set that floats above a reflecting pool, huge puppets and sculptures. The noted Butoh artist, Min Tanaka, dances the role of Oedipus, and is joined by twenty dancers to portray this classical tragedy.

Part 1

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