GOULD, Glenn: Russian Journey (The) (Documentary, 2002)


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- (Disc 1)

Glenn Gould: The Russian Journey
Feyginberg, Yosif - Television Director

Year of Production: 2002
Playing Time: 00:55:56
Catalogue Number: CM9854

The date is 2 May 1957. Stalin died only four years before and perestroika is still a long way off. However, the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, who is just 24, arrives in Moscow for an exceptional tour: he is the first North American musician to play behind the iron curtain. Witness accounts from musicians such as Ashkenazy and Rostropovitch, the original recordings of his concerts in Moscow and Leningrad, as well a recording that had never been released before of his lecture-recital in Leningrad make this an invaluable documentary revealing a whole side of Glenn Gould's past few people are aware of.

Part 1

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