GORDON, Dexter / TYNER, McCoy: Cool Summer


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- (Disc 1)
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone

Blake, John - Violin
Eubanks, David - Double Bass
Ford, Joe - Saxophone
Hutcherson, Bobby - Vibraphone
Sharpe, Avery - Double Bass

Venue: Paul Masson Vineyards, California

Cheese Cake
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone
Backstage at the Village
Gordon, Dexter - Tenor Saxophone
La Habana Sol
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit
The Seeker

Catalogue Number: DJ-852
UPC: 022891985297

The ambient setting of the renowned Harvest Jazz Festival at the Paul Masson Vineyards in California attracted the very best of Jazz musicians from the around the world performing to an appreciative audience. Cool Summer album features Dexter Gordon and McCoy Tyner, two of the amazing artists sharing with your their own unique style.

Part 1

Part 2

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