CHARANGUERO (EL) - Musical Heart and Soul of Latin America (The) (Documentary, 1995)


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Playing Time: 00:56:08
Catalogue Number: MCM1007

El Charanguero is a documentary about Argentine musician Jamie Torres, the world's foremost performer on the charango (a small stringed Andean instrument) and a national treasure of Argentina. The intimate friendship between the producer and the artist offers a privileged and authentic inside view of the culture and music never before available on video. Viewers from all walks of life will appreciate and be enriched by this timeless and universal program.

The hour-long documentary features a never-before recorded ritual to Pachamama (Mother Earth) by the indigenous people of the Quebrada (a mountainous region of northern Argentina), dances and music performed on traditional instruments, and the history of the charango, as well as dramatic concert footage.

Part 1

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