STRAUSS II, J.: Simplicius [Opera] (Zurich Opera House, 2000)


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- (Disc 1)
Libretto/Text Author: Leon, Victor

A foreign cuirassier: Yrttiaho, Heikki
An Officer: Heppe, Jorg
Arnim von Grubben: Beczala, Piotr
General von Vliessen: Haunstein, Rolf
Schnapslotte: Martini, Louise
Simplicius: Zysset, Martin
Wendelin von Grubben: Volle, Michael

Stage Director: Pountney, David

Playing Time: 02:11:34
Catalogue Number: MID13244518

The British director David Pountney lets the entertaining tale unfold accompanied by the many spectacular effects for which he has become internationally famous. Monumental props are embellished with skilled, clean-cut directing work, seasoned with a healthy portion of black humour. In the final scene the audience sees dramatic gallows dangling with numerous corpses, all turning in time to the music of a waltz.

Strauss himself loved this work. It was the last of his stage works for which he conducted the premiere performance. He described it as "generally speaking a much more cheerful work than Der Zigeunerbaron."

Strauss's felicitous orchestration, languorous melodies, and endless inventiveness ensure over 2 hours of pleasure for all who invest in this unique piece of theatre.

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