CELIBIDACHE'S HERITAGE (Rosamunde Quartet) (Classical Documentary, 1999)


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Celibidache's Heritage
Gramstadt, Christian - Television Director

Playing Time: 00:53:36
Catalogue Number: MID13244813

The Munich-based Rosamunde Quartet made a sensational debut in 1992 and swiftly gained an international reputation as a chamber ensemble noted for its individual style and mastery of a broad repertoire. Unusually, the four musicans Andreas Reiner (first violin), Simon Fordham (second violin), Helmut Nicolai (viola) and Anja Lechner (cello) came together after they had individually established successful careers.

Up until his death in 1996, maestro Sergiu Celibidache was their mentor, friend and critic in this venture, and he continues to be their inspiration. The quartet emulate his single-minded perfectionism; approach music-making, as he did, from a well-founded understanding; and always remember his impatience if he thought they were just playing notes and not music.

This lively and intimate portrait accompanies the ensemble as they rehearse, travel, perform, and also catches each of the musicians off duty. They are seen playing works by both classical and modern composers in sequences which have a contemporary visual impact, and their collaboration with the Argentinean bandoneon master, Dino Saluzzi, is also featured.

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