SCHUBERT, F.: Violin Sonata, D. 385: I. Allegro moderato (Hyejin Chung, Warren Lee) (from Naxos 8.573579)


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Schubert, Franz - Composer
Violin Sonata (Sonatina) in A Minor, Op. 137, No. 2, D. 385

Playing Time: 00:10:15
Catalogue Number: NVF0039

Schubert composed his three sublimely alluring Sonatas for Violin and Piano in the spring of 1816, though they had to wait until 1836 for posthumous publication by Diabelli, who re-named them 'sonatinas'. With their sometimes subordinate role for the violin and deceptively uncomplicated style, these pieces sidestep the influence of Beethoven and return more to the world of Mozart's later violin sonatas. The minor key works develop Schubert's gift for drama and vocal melody further, including hints of his famous song Erlkonig from the previous year.

Featured in this recording is the Violin Sonata in A Minor, D.385, Op. 137, No. 2. It opens with a wide-spaced theme for the piano, the violin following with even wider-spaced dramatic intervals, and a second subject entrusted at first to the piano.

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