BISGAARD, L.A.: Walking (Hommage a Thoreau) - Semplice (Petersson) (from Grand Piano GP717)


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- (Disc 1)

Walking (Hommage a Thoreau) - Semplice

Playing Time: 00:05:07
Catalogue Number: NVF0053

Lars Aksel Bisgaard's Walking, with the subtitle Hommage a Thoreau, was written in 2014. The piece is based on some youth sketches from 1984, and is inspired by the American author Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) and his essay Walking from 1862. The simple main theme, which uses the available notes corresponding to the letters in Thoreau's name (B [=H] - E - D - A), gradually 'wander' further and further away from the starting point, and in the end come back again - like any good walking tour. Walking is dedicated to Carl Petersson with great gratitude and respect for his formidable musicianship, which becomes apparent not least on this recording.

Part 1

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