NORGARD, P.: Piano Sonata (1949): I. - (Petersson) (from Grand Piano GP717)


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Piano Sonata (1949)

Playing Time: 00:03:02
Catalogue Number: NVF0055

Featuring the composer's early piano works, Per Norgard's Piano Sonata consisting of three movements has a neo-classical overall style with hints of Stravinsky and Prokofiev 'light'. The character is playful and quasi-improvisatory, with a skilfully judged balance between seriousness, lightness and bravura.

It is particularly interesting to note that in the development of the first movement we hear an ostinato bass figure, the movement patterns of which already anticipate the melodic infinity series, discovered a decade later and first used twenty years later, that became especially characteristic of Norgard's mature music.

Part 1

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