BLOW, J.: Venus and Adonis, Act III: Mourn for thy servant (arr. M. Knight) (from Naxos 8.573386)


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- (Disc 1)

Blow, John - Composer
Venus and Adonis (arr. M. Knight for brass septet)

Playing Time: 00:03:20
Catalogue Number: NVF0076

Blow's 1683 Venus and Adonis - a masque for the entertainment of the King, Charles II, who had enjoyed French opera in Paris during the years of the Interregnum - is widely regarded as the first English opera. A truly groundbreaking work, it is largely through-composed, rather than resorting to separate setpieces, distinct arias and spoken dialogue, and this greatly heightens its dramatic impact.

The final G Minor chorus (Mourn for thy servant) takes the form of a funeral march and offers scant consolation for the fallen goddess, "the wretched Queen of Love in this forsaken grove".

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