TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Sleeping Beauty (The) (Dutch National Ballet, 2003)


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- (Disc 1)
The Sleeping Beauty, Op. 66
Libretto/Text Author: Vsevolozhsky, Ivan
Ballet Company: Het National Ballet
Choreographer: Petipa, Marius
Choreographer: Wright, Peter

Prince Florimund: Lambiotte, Gael
Princess Aurora: Sylve, Sofiane
The Lilac Fairy: Fontaine, Sarah

Corps de Ballet: Het National Ballet
Television Director: Dekker, Jellie
Producer: Wright, Peter
Lighting Designer: Hofstra, Jan
Set/Stage Designer: Prowse, Philip
Costume Designer: Prowse, Philip

Date of Concert: 2003
Venue: Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Playing Time: 03:00:00
Catalogue Number: OA0904D
UPC: 0809478009047

A performance of Sleeping Beauty by the Dutch National Ballet, recorded at Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam in 2004 and choreographed by Sir Peter Wright.

Bonus features:

- We All Love Magic - featurette about fairy tales.
- The Story Is In Their Hands - Sir Peter Wright describes the use of mime.
- A Crystal-Cut Diamond - Sir Peter Wright on rehearsing The Sleeping Beauty
- I Got Stuck - A portrait of Sofiane Sylve.

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