DELIBES, L.: Coppelia (Paris Opera Ballet, 2011)


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- (Disc 1)
Composer: Delibes, Leo
Choreographer: Bart, Patrice
Original Choreographer: Saint-Leon, Arthur

Coppelius: Martinez, Jose

Conductor: Kessels, Koen
Television Director: Bataillon, Vincent
Set/Stage Designer: Toffolutti, Ezio
Costume Designer: Toffolutti, Ezio

Date of Concert: 03-2011
Venue: Palais Garnier, Paris
Playing Time: 02:04:47
Catalogue Number: OA1061D
UPC: 809478010616

Premiered by the Opera De Paris in 1870, and inspired by the fantastical writings of E.T.A. Hoffmann, Coppélia tells the story of a young man who becomes besotted with an exquisite automaton and is finally brought to his senses by his fiancée. In their production from the magnificent Palais Garnier, choreographer Patrice Bart in his final production and designer Ezio Toffolutti explore the story's darker side while doing full justice to the exuberance and elegance of Delibes' glorious score.

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Part 2

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