MACMILLAN, Kenneth: Mayerling (Royal Ballet, 1994)


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- (Disc 1)
Composer: Liszt, Franz
Choreographer: MacMillan, Kenneth

Baroness Mary Vetsera: Durante, Viviana
Countess Marie Larisch: Collier, Lesley
Crown Prince Rudolf: Mukhamedov, Irek
Mitzi Caspar: Bussell, Darcey

Television Director: Bailey, Derek
Lighting Designer: Read, John B.
Set/Stage Designer: Georgiadis, Nicholas
Costume Designer: Georgiadis, Nicholas

Date of Concert: 05-02-1994
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Playing Time: 02:07:00
Catalogue Number: OAR3101D
UPC: 809478031017

The Royal Ballet presents a stellar cast in Kenneth MacMillan's ballet, filmed in 1994 for the BBC, with John Lanchbery's sumptuous scoring of music by Franz Liszt. The dramatic soundscape is matched by MacMillan's penetrating interpretation of the events.

Part 1

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