MASTERCLASS WITH TORLEIF THEDEEN - TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Variations on a Rococo Theme (version for cello and piano)


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- (Disc 1)

Variations on a Rococo Theme in A Major, Op. 33 (version for cello and piano)

Lecturer/Cello: Thedeen, Torleif

Year of Production: Feb. 2019
Playing Time: 00:44:21
Catalogue Number: RSS16123_1

At the beginning, Thedeen congratulates the student for her performance. He advises her to play as natural as possible, keeping the expression but without forcing a muscle. Sometimes the impulses break the music breathing, so it is necessary to control it. Professor Thedeen also comments aspects about the articulation of specific notes in the phrase.

This is a music plenty of balance, that is what she should look for in every note, as well as the sound quality. Although the general musical idea is well set up, it is advisable to take care of every detail.

Thedeen talks about the upbeat of the Variation I and the technical passages and explains the way to improve them. He remarks the connection between notes within the phrasing and the relaxation as a very important aspect of sound production: it is compatible with the expression.

Part 1

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