MASTERCLASS WITH RERI GRIST - BELLINI, V.: Puritani (I), Act I: Or dove fuggo io mai? [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

I puritani

Baritone: Heath, Alexis
Lecturer: Grist, Reri

Year of Production: Feb. 2008
Playing Time: 00:10:13
Catalogue Number: RSS2880_2

At the beginning of the Recitative Or dove fuggo io mai?, Prof. asks the student for getting more into the role of Riccardo. Then, she corrects the tuning and duration for a low note at the beginning: the student should amuse himself more by singing that note.

For the next phrase, the professor suggests emphasizing more the contrast by using other color. Several times during the lecture, Grist stresses that the student must sing by showing more his voice. Afterwards, she gives him an advice about maintaining firm his body (with the feet stuck to the ground), opening and using more the chest.

Regarding the Andante affettuoso, Grist makes indications about some vowels pronunciation and she encourages him to repeat it several times so that he can perform this part with a suitable voice and a good sound support.

Part 1

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