MASTERCLASS WITH WILLIAM BENNETT - GLUCK, C.W.: Orfeo ed Euridice, Act II: Dance of the Blessed Spirits [Opera] (flute part)


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- (Disc 1)

Year of Production: March 2010
Playing Time: 00:24:43
Catalogue Number: RSS4986_1

William Bennett starts the masterclass indicating the student not to breathe in a certain moment so he could avoid cutting the phrase. Besides some rhythmical corrections, Prof. Bennett mentions how important is to consider what the orchestra is playing so that the tempo is accurate, and he checks the phrasing for several passages.

Then, Bennett tells a story about Marcel Moyse in one of the rehearsals of this opera. He continues with phrasing (singing each phrase) and dynamical issues, and he corrects some questions about ornamentation.

Additionally, the professor recommends not to do so many unnecessary movements while playing. For a passage with repeated notes, he suggests playing it upbeat but in tempo and clearly. Finally, he proposes a phrasing with more metrical freedom in the cadence.

Part 1

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