MASTERCLASS WITH HANSJORG SCHELLENBERGER - BACH, J.S.: Partita, BWV 1013: II. Courante (arr. for oboe)


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- (Disc 1)

Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013 (arr. for oboe)

Year of Production: May 2010
Playing Time: 00:18:39
Catalogue Number: RSS5632_2

In this masterclass, Schellenberger starts pointing out the characteristic tempo of this movement: it is faster. He mentions the metrical and tempo differences between Italian or French Courante. Afterwards, the professor underlines the breathing work and the importance of the voices. He also makes some corrections on phrasing, relaxation and better places to breath considering the harmonic structure. Besides, Hansjorg Schellenberger makes comments on mouth and jaw position, support, tuning or articulation, among other musical issues.

Part 1

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