MASTERCLASS WITH DALE CLEVENGER - STRAUSS, R.: Horn Concerto No. 1: I. Allegro (horn and piano reduction)


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- (Disc 1)

Strauss, Richard - Composer
Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat Major, Op. 11, TrV 117

Lecturer/Horn: Clevenger, Dale

Year of Production: Oct. 2007
Playing Time: 00:22:52
Catalogue Number: RSS6307_1

Professor Clevenger talks about the difference between the projection of the sound while playing either with orchestra or with accompanying piano. They work on articulation and the Professor comments that it is not necessary to stress the anacrusis for the phrasing. They insist on the tuning of chord intervals. Professor Clevenger gives an explanation about the square note and its effect in the score, and also talks about the character, the accents and the slurs of the piece.

Part 1

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