MASTERCLASS WITH PAUL MEYER - DEBUSSY, C.: Premiere rapsodie (clarinet part)


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- (Disc 1)

Debussy, Claude - Composer
Premiere rapsodie

Clarinet: Venys, Irvin
Lecturer/Clarinet: Meyer, Paul

Year of Production: July 2006
Playing Time: 00:21:17
Catalogue Number: RSS8485_2

In this masterclass, more aspects on Debussy's clarinet part are worked in detail. They talk about different kinds of articulation: staccato, marcato, sostenuto and several variations of each attack.

Meyer works also on rhythmical accuracy: in relation to the pulse, a specific rhythm with the same 'impulse', the silence as a part of the internal rhythm and the trill as a rhythmical ornament. In relation to the general technique, they comment aspects such as sound projection and emission and the ways to open the sound. Finally, Professor Meyer explains the relation and the correct rapport with the orchestra.

Part 1

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