MASTERCLASS WITH BRUNO CANINO - BEETHOVEN, L.: Piano Trio No. 5, "Ghost": II. Largo assai ed espressivo


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- (Disc 1)

Piano Trio No. 5 in D Major, Op. 70, No. 1, "Ghost"

Lecturer: Canino, Bruno

Year of Production: Dec. 2006
Playing Time: 00:34:42
Catalogue Number: RSS9351_2

In this masterclass, Bruno Canino focuses on the rapport between the Trio members. Afterwards, they work on dynamic aspects. Regarding them, they reflect on the subito piano before the crescendo indication, and the drama in Beethoven. Besides some bowing and harmonics indications, Canino makes also corrections on articulation and pedal, suitable tempo for concert performance, rapport, and other considerations about the sound in the three instruments.

Part 1

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